Monday, April 9, 2012

CW 2012 Fall Schedule Prediction

Just was clicking around on the internet and checking up on my entertainment news/spoilers and saw some "On The Bubble" lists for shows.  It got me thinking about how funny it is at how often some of my FAVORITE shows are constantly on the bubble.  For example, did you know that for every single season until The Big Bang Theory premiered How I Met Your Mother was a bubble show?  It always came RIGHT down to the wire for it to get a renewal.  It was horrible being so anxious at the fate of this comedy I thought was incredible -- the next Friends even -- but the which the world just didn't seem to know existed.  Then Big Bang became a Big Hit (heh heh, yeah I went there) and viewers discovered this little show that came on the same night and jumped into the middle of it.  And BAM, the show became a hit too.  Now it's never on the bubble.  Hopefully the same type of thing will happen to help out Community (cause that show is just TOO awesome).

Anyway, here's a link to the renewal scorecard to keep track of stuff if you're interested.

Several of the shows on The CW are on the bubble, such as: Ringer, Nikita, The Secret Circle, and 90210.  I could see a couple (like Nikita or TSC) of those getting a short mid-season order to wrap up or test the waters once more, but there's an equally likely chance most or all 4 get the axe.

So then I looked into this link at the main pilots the CW has going on.  Several of them caught my interest (Arrow, Shelter, The Selection - which is based off of the new YA book by Kiera Crass of the same name).  So I decided to try to come up with my own projection/prediction as to the CW's 2012 Fall Schedule.  Obviously several of these new shows could get a short mid-season order (it's worked out great for The OC, Castle, Happy Endings (ahmazing), Buffy, and Grey's Anatomy) and turn that into something special.  But the Fall is where a lot of the mainstream hits come in.  As such, here's my list:

*Bold means new show
Monday: Gossip Girl / Hart Of Dixie
Tuesday: The Carrie Diaries / Shelter
Wednesday: America's Next Top Model / Beauty and the Beast
Thursday: The Vampire Diaries / The Selection
Friday: Arrow / Supernatural

I could see this being Supernatural and Gossip Girl's final seasons.  I love em both, but the network may be ready to move on if any of these other new shows form into a hit.

But yeah, I just wanted to throw this out there.  If I get enough time I'll try to do the same little prediction things for the other 4 main networks.

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.  Bitch at me if my projection axes one of your favorite shows, tell me which pilots most interest you, and let me know your Fall schedule prediction.  Haha, or just stay mime-like.
 Until next time...

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