Thursday, March 22, 2012

Short Story Tease 2

I decided to follow up my last WIP post with another Sleepy Head tease.  Enjoy! (Once again note it's unedited by any professional so please excuse any punctuation errors.)

            Now she was in the hall and only a bathroom and spare bedroom away from her own room at the end of the house.  The man behind her growled in frustration. 

            Come on Wendy, you can make it!

            She passed the bathroom. 

            10 steps away.

            She passed the spare rom.

            5 away.

            She started to turn into her room when the killer lunged one final time, and caught her ankle.  Wendy lost her balance and fell, her momentum flinging her to the side

            She had only time enough to think one thing before her head hit the door frame of her room and knocked her out. 

            I’m dead.

            Wendy awoke to the feel of being lifted.  She was completely groggy and disoriented.  Opening her eyes made her head throb horribly.  Her vision was a bit fuzzy, so she closed her eyes again and leaned her head back.  She could feel that she was lying on something firm, like a cot, and that there was a pillow behind her head.

            “Where am I?”  She asked, but to her own ears it sounded like gibberish.  She coughed, making her head hurt worse, and tried again.  This time her words came out clearer.

            A gentle hand patted her shoulder.  “It’s okay honey, you’re safe now.”  The voice was feminine, but not one that she recognized.

            “Mom?  Where’s my mom?”  Wendy still had her eyes shut.  The hand on Wendy’s shoulder stiffened.  This caused a chill to run through Wendy. 

            A moment later everything came flooding back.  She snapped her eyes open and sat up, screaming “Oh, God!”  The combination of doing all of those things made her head reel and her stomach churn, but Wendy fought back the nausea.

            She saw now that she had been lying on a stretcher in the hall of her house.  Police were everywhere.  Several now looked over at her.  A woman moved from behind Wendy to stand at her side.  She was a young black woman, probably mid 20’s.  She was also an EMT.  She regarded Wendy with a horrible sadness in her eyes.  Her voice came out firmly. “Miss there’s been a tragedy here.  You’ve had a serious fall and have a head injury.  You need to lie back down.  We’re going to take you to the hospital to check you out.”

            Wendy didn’t know what to say.  She didn’t know why she was still alive.  Why hadn’t he killed her? 

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