Monday, March 19, 2012

Short Story Tease

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be my first writing post and decided on a tidbit from a short story I wrote in December.  Note it's unedited by any professional so please excuse any punctuation errors. The story is called Sleepy Head.

Wendy’s lips and tongue danced with Todd Gordon’s.  Deep inside her a fire burned, keeping her heart racing.  Her thoughts were fuzzy, her mind focused so completely on Todd and his body pressing against hers.  One of his hands moved underneath her shirt, sliding up her side, and closing in on her chest; the other was massaging her ass.  Wendy’s hands were busy too: one holding Todd's face against her own, her hand flexing against the stub of his hair; the other fiddling with the button of his jeans.

            Todd broke their intense kissing and pulled back.  His eyes betrayed his hungry desire.  His mouth was a wicked grin.  Wendy doubted she stared back much differently. 

            Todd opened his mouth...and barked.  Dumbfounded, Wendy watched as his tongue lolled out of his mouth and he began to pant.  Barking once more he leaned down and began licking her face.

            “Oh, ugh!”  Wendy opened her eyes and was met with darkness.  A tongue lapped at her face.  She pushed the perpetrator off of her.  It was Scrappy, she knew.  She felt him scamper to her side, where he then stood and panted heavily.  Wendy moaned.

            It had been a dream.  Such an incredible dream.  Damnit.  Scrappy impatiently bent down and started kissing Wendy again.  She shoved him away and sat up.  Wendy flicked on the lamp beside her bed.  Scrappy, her four year old Springer Spaniel, rushed forward, his little nub-of-a-tail wagging fiercely.  Wendy held him back and rubbed his head. 

            “You are such a party pooper, Scrappy.”  Scrappy smiled back.  Wendy yawned and rubbed at her eyes.  “You need to go potty boy?” she asked sleepily.  Like he’d been zapped, Scrappy flew off the bed and to the door.  He looked back at her and barked. 

            “Hold on, hold on,” Wendy muttered, flipping the covers off, and slowly getting out of bed.  Her body complained about leaving the soft, comfortable warmth of her sheets, but Wendy knew Scrappy wouldn’t be ignored.  Heck, he’d just woken the Queen of Deep Sleep up.  That in itself was a pretty incredible feat. 

            Wendy opened her door and Scrappy shot past her and down the hall, heading to the sliding glass door in the living room.  Wendy heard the noise of him knocking the blinds aside as she lethargically walked after him.  Scrappy barked twice and stared at her.  Wendy growled and quickened her pace.  She flipped on the room’s light and moved toward the door leading to the fenced-in outside patio.  She pulled aside the blinds, flicked the lock, and opened the sliding door.  Scrappy jetted out into the darkness of the surrounding bushes, barking like a lunatic.  Wendy slid the door shut and flopped onto the couch.  From her position she could see whenever Scrappy was ready to come in.

            Wendy yawned once more and stretched out on the couch, enjoying the luscious feel as her body sank into the cushions.  Lying on her belly, she stared outside, hoping Scrappy would hurry.  She could still hear him barking.  Moaning, she flopped her head against the soft arm of the couch.  Wendy let it sit there. 

            Scrappy barked.

            Wendy slept.

So what could be next?  Is this a dream story?  Nope.  Is it a romance or a paranormal tale?  Nope.  A mystery?  Eh, not really.  Then what?  Would you believe me if I told you it was a horror story?

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