Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vision of Shadows

Back in 2009 a fellow writer named Vincent Morrone sent me a copy of his book, Vision of Shadows, to beta read.  The story was about a psychic girl who has dreams/visions of a boy who will be both the love of her life and her murderer.  When tragedy strikes we follow the girl as she starts a new life with a strange family she's never met before, finally meets the boy of her dreams, gets caught up in an age old family feud, and even works to solve a murder mystery.  All the while struggling to prevent the final act of her premonitions from coming true, as she finds herself helplessly drawn to the boy and the promise of love.  (If I'm remembering everything correctly, haha.) 

Anyway, his first book is soon to be a published E-Book.  I for one am super excited to see all of the changes to the story that have taken place since the last time I read it and will definitely be purchasing a copy when it comes out.  Within the next couple of weeks I hope to set up an interview with Vincent about Vision of Shadows.  I recommend that you guys head on over to his website,  There you can find out a bit more about Vincent and check out the teaser selections from his main character's journal entries he's been putting up. 

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  1. Hey I just found this! Thanks for the mention and you did a great job in remembering the book. You also were a big help as a beta. I'd love to do an interview with you. Contact me at